December 30, 2016



RAS Media is a Delhi born production and casting house, which laid its foundation in 2017. The in-house production deals with TV Commercials, documentaries, short movies, fashion photography, feature films and music albums with the most extolled associations. We run with an aim of ‘’Turning Your Vision Into to Reality’’ and advertise the same to the right niche for elevated return on investment. Integrity, trust, commitment and supreme work ethics are our mantras to success.produces Feature Films, TV Commercials, Documentaries and Photography Campaigns. RAS media has worked and collaborated with some of the most acclaimed talents, reputed brands, and respected production companies from across the city. We represent a group of world-class talent that excels in their diverse approaches of storytelling, visual styles and performance genres. Our experienced, skillful and committed production team strives to support talents to get the best out of them and turn a vision into a reality. We wish to adopt this roster of talent to cater to local content, ideas, and requirements. We are well aware of the flexibility needed to work in the Indian market and therefore suggest a variety of packages that can suit both your production and creative requirements. Strong inherent values such as integrity, trust, commitment, and powerful work ethics are RAS media’s mantra. We believe in choosing our projects, talent and team keeping these objectives in mind.

Top 5 reasons why you should choose us...


   We have over 14 years experience of working with new faces.

  If you register today we can assess you modeling potential.

  We can offer serious aspiring models a professional photo shoot.

  We can help you build a professional portfolio – budgets to suit.

 Our support service can advise you until you are signed to an agency