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The industry is changing.

The male modelling industry has grown in the past 10 years as many men become more aware of body image and the advantages that it can bring. If you have the look, style and the determination you could be the next big male model.

What it takes to become a male model.

Basic performance skills are very useful to have, you may have the good looks of a model but if you don’t walk, move and pose naturally in front of the camera then you will not succeed in this field.

You need a lot of confidence in yourself and be able to put trust in other professionals such as stylists and photographers. Even male models will be expected to wear make-up for modelling jobs, this is just applied naturally by makeup artists so that you look better in front of the camera. A willingness to be open-minded will make you much more appealing to a prospective client or agency.

Make a decision.

Before you start to approach a male modelling agency, you need to establish what you have to offer and what type of modelling you will aim to get into.

A great toned physic is a bonus. Unlike female models, male models can be more muscular and have a defined physique, but if you have a little too much fitness modelling could be more suitable.

If you are not comfortable advertising underwear, then decide early on that you will not take on jobs like this. Understanding your limits and respecting them may cost you a few jobs, but it will also help you further define your niche and, in the long run, aid you in the quest to become a male model.

Which niche is for you?

There are several different styles of modelling for male models such as catalogue, sports clothing advertising, health and fitness, through to high fashion if you have a slender body type. There are male modelling opportunities that cater to niche markets such as men over forty, big and tall men, and men of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

The competitive world of high fashion

High fashion agencies have very specific requirements for all of their models (however they can differ slightly between agencies).

When signing males, agencies would normally expect a high-profile model to be at least 6 foot 1 to cater for industry demands. The model height is especially important on the catwalk. However some agencies do take on slightly shorter models for high end men’s fashion magazines.

The high fashion male model look is to have a lean body, structured jaw, perfect complexion and a very striking look.

This is a very hard area of the fashion industry to break into even if you do fit the mould. You will also find that what a model agent is looking for one year may be very different to the next, what is in fashion one season may fall out of fashion the next.

You will be expected to travel around the world even if you’re a British model based in London. New York and Paris are just a few of the glamorous cities that you will visit.

To find out more about breaking into high fashion modelling please do not hesitate to register online and speak to one of our new faces consultants.

Have you considered commercial modelling?

A commercial model is hired by companies to advertise a specific product or service. The model is chosen because the company feels that their look and personality best represents the market they are aiming for.

Commercial model agencies rarely have strict requirements for the male models that they sign as every product and therefore advertisement is different. However, you would be expected to play more of a role than that of a fashion model as commercial models will often have to pose or be photographed using the product.

This means that a little bit of acting may come in to play in the modelling industry. You might be asked to pose using the latest male grooming products or designer watch for example. Opportunities for commercial models have also grown over recent years with it being much more affordable for companies to advertise due to a lot of advertising moving online.

To find out more about becoming a commercial model register online and speak to one of our new faces consultants.

How about catalogue modelling?

The demand for catalogue models has grown considerably over the last decade with the rise of high street brands, designer brands and small independent retailers now selling their clothes online as well as in store.

A catalogue model will be seen throughout a website/printed catalogue wearing the clothes in the collection. This allows those visiting the website or looking through the catalogue to get a better idea of how the garments will look when worn.

There used to be a typical look and size requested by an agency when signing a male catalogue model but nowadays they are more interested in individual personality and style. There are also opportunities for the more built/plus sized male.

If you think you have the potential to make it as a male catalogue model and would like more information then please register and you can discuss this further with one of our new faces consultants.

What is a real model?

Real models are very much in demand with the internet blowing up with unique brands and clothing ranges to suit all styles of tastes looking for the perfect model to show them off.

Fashion labels at every level are getting more creative and are looking for models that reflect their brand to promote them on the catwalk all the way through to small independent online companies.

This has meant that real model agencies are coming in to their own and freelance online castings are a great source of modelling opportunities for those that would have probably have been looked over in the past.

To find out if you have the look or style to make it as a real/unique model then register today and RasMedia will get back to you to discuss this further.

For the more mature generation.

Men have always had a longer modelling career expectancy than that of their female counterparts. In advertising, classic male models are often used to suggest luxury and sophistication.

Do you have a muscular physique? Read on.

Agencies do not have set guidelines on what they are looking for in a male fitness model however they do require their models to have a specific body shape. You must be very toned and have strong muscle definition. Agencies also require their models to look healthy and their muscle definition to look realistic.

There are online, print, magazines and advertising opportunities in this area and you could be expected to advertise healthy living, fitness related products or services for example.

If you think you have the look and physique to make it as a fitness model then register with us today to discuss this further.

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