RasMedia Reviews

RasMedia reviews is an exclusive page dedicated to the unique RasMedia experience. Aspiring hopefuls attend the Head Office in London for a photoshoot to capture professional shots for their modelling portfolio. Uncover how the day evolves through the eyes of an emerging model themselves.

Upon arrival I was greeted by a friendly member of the RasMedia team. After an informative, informal chat of how the day would proceed I was led to get my hair and make-up done by professional stylists.

The Hair and Make-up

With the hair stylist we talked through what hair style would suit my face shape and overall look with the help of visual images. After agreeing on a particular look the expert got to work on my locks creating a stunning masterpiece. I was so pleased with how my hair looked and how quickly and pain free the process was. I was now ready to get my make up applied! Again, we both agreed on the colours and tones that suited my complexion with a lot of advice and input from the stylist to make the correct decision. I was amazed with the outcome of my hair and make up and how confident and comfortable I felt with the transformation. I was certainly ready for the photoshoot!

The Photoshoot


After slipping into an outfit that I had brought along I entered the studio space where the photoshoot was held. With a blank canvas to work with I was really excited to begin. The professional photographer was extremely friendly and put me at ease immediately allowing for the shoot to run smoothly. With direction from the photographer I was able to try out different poses and positions that worked well with a particular outfit. As the shoot progressed by confidence grew dramatically allowing for me to move into various poses without hesitation and improving my body awareness. I didn’t want the shoot to end and couldn’t wait to see the final outcome.

The Photographs

I then sat down with the RasMedia team and was shown the photographs from the earlier shoot. I was so impressed and proud of the high quality and standard of the images that I will be able to use for my portfolio. I began to feel that one step closer to living my dream as a professional model – it was overwhelming. With advice from the team we began to select the images that worked particularly well and demonstrated my diversity as a model. I felt no pressure to pick certain images as the relaxed yet supportive experts allowed for me to make informed decisions based on their professional opinions.

The Portfolio

I now have the images to use for my portfolio, website and z-cards with the help of RasMedia. The company has shown how vital and important these resources are to a professional models career. I am now ready to present my portfolio to modelling agencies and have the confidence to do so with my set of exceptional images and experience. I recognise that without such professional experts to apply make-up, style hair and take photographs the shots would look amateur in comparison. It is a worthwhile experience that models should seriously consider.

The Experience

Absorb the RasMedia review to understand the service provided at the London based company and how we can help you begin your career.